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Great Selection of Mini Kegs

Mini Kegs are 5 Liter kegs, which is a perfect personal sized keg of beer. That's 14 12-ounce servings! These are also very space efficient in your refrigerator.

Here are a few of our featured specially priced mini-kegs.

Heineken Light Mini Keg 18.99/5 Liter mini keg
A light beer with more style and substance than other light beers. Only 99 calories per 12 ounce serving, and 6.8 grams of carbohydrates. (There are approximately 14 12-ounce servings in a mini keg.)

Warsteiner Premium Mini Keg 16.99/5 Liter mini keg
Warsteiner Premium Verum is a pilsner style beer with a smooth, rich, full bodied taste wrapped in a thick creamy head and a refreshing hop finish with no aftertaste. Warsteiner quenches the beer lover's thirst for a clean, crisp, refreshing beer taste. (There are approximately 14 12-ounce servings in a mini keg.)

Newcastle Brown Ale 19.99/5 Liter mini keg
Newkie Broon as it is known, is a low-hop, malty brown ale that has legions of fans in Scotland and around the world.

Heineken 18.99/5 Liter mini keg
One of our great selection of mini kegs.

Späten Premium Lager 19.99/5 Liter mini keg
Maybe the best buy in mini kegs. In the category of Munich Helles Lager. According to Beer Advocate, when the golden and clean lagers of Plzen (Bohemia) became all the rage in the mid-1800's, München brewers feared that Germans would start drinking the Czech beer vs. their own. Munich Helles Lager was their answer to meet the demand. A bit more malty, they often share the same spicy hop characters of Czech Pils, but are a bit more subdued and in balance with malts. "Helles" is German for "bright."