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The Carolina's First and Largest Beverage Warehouse Store.
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Free In-Store Tastings (21+). See our tastings page for details.

  • Fri Aug 22nd: American Harvest
  • |  Fri Aug 22nd: Rumchata Cream Liqueur, Tippy Cow Rum Cream
  • |  Fri Aug 29th: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Chila Orchata, Firefly Moonshine in Apple Pie and Blackberry
  • |  Sat Aug 30th: Captain Morgan White, Crown Royal 75, Yukon Jack Wicked Hot, Smirnoff Sorbet Light, Smirnoff Peach
  • |  Sat Aug 30th: Jaegermeister
  • |  Check out all this month's upcoming tastings on our Tastings Page.
  • |  Check out all this month's upcoming tastings on our Tastings Page.
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Real-time Craft Beer Tap ticker. current Growler refills on tap:
Now 18 taps. Refill prices for 64-oz Growler/32-oz. Chugger.

  • Aviator HogWild IPA (6.7% ABV) $12.99/$6.99
  • |  Catawba Valley Firewater IPA (6% ABV) $6.99/$12.99
  • |  Conquest Sacred Heart IPA (7.2% ABV) $7.99/$14.99
  • |  Evil Twin Low Life Pilsner (5.5% ABV) $12.99/$6.99
  • |  Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale (9.8% ABV) $20.99/$10.99
  • |  Green Flash Palate Wrecker DIPA (9.5% ABV) $7.99/$14.99
  • |  Natty Greene's Silo Series White IPA (5.9% ABV) $7.99/$14.99
  • |  Quest Biere De Garde (7.3% ABV) $7.99/$14.99
  • |  Quest Kaldi Coffee Stout (8% ABV) $11.99/$22.99
  • |  Quest Pacific Jade Pale Ale (5% ABV) $7.99/$14.99
  • |  Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Saison (7.5% ABV) $16.99/$8.99
  • |  Smuttynose Wheat Wine (11% ABV) $5.99/$9.99
  • |  Southern Tier 2X Stout (7.5% ABV) $6.99/$12.99
  • |  Stone Enjoy By 08.16.14 (9.4% ABV) $19.99/$10.99
  • |  Sweetwater Happy Ending Imperial Stout (9% ABV) $10.99/$5.99
  • |  Thirsty Dog Bourbon Barrel-Aged Siberian Night (11% ABV) $12.99/$24.99
  • |  Windy Hill Ginger Gold (6% ABV) $5.99/$10.99
  • |  Windy Hill Revah Pomegranate (6% ABV) $7.99/$14.99
  • |  Growler tap availability subject to change without notice.
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Summer Rum Cocktails.

Rum Drinks start at Frugal's.
  • Rum drinks really hit the spot when it gets hot. There are many rum choices from many countries; light, dark, spiced, aged. They all work well with fruit juices, like pineapple, coconut, mango, orange, lemon, lime, cherry, or anything tropical.
  • The classic Daiquiri is light rum, lime juice, and simple (sugar) syrup. Frozen Daiquiris are great, and you can blend in any fruit for color and flavor.
  • The classic Pina Colada is light rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and heavy cream, blended with ice. Definitely blend in any fruit for color and flavor.
  • The drink pictured above is a sort of variation on the Hurricane, a delicious Tiki cocktail. The cocktail is light rum, dark Bermuda rum, plus a mixture of orange, pineapple, mango, lime, cranberry and cherry juices, served on ice. Garnish with fruit.
  • For more ideas, check our Liquor Features page.

We Seek the Very Best Barrels of Bourbon.

Four Roses Single Barrel Selection at Frugal's.
  • We have purchased some very special single barrels of bourbon currently being bottled especially for Frugal MacDoogal's. Look for more Single Barrel releases to come from Buffalo Trace, Henry McKenna and Evan Williams.
  • Four Roses Single Barrel: On a visit to the Four Roses bottling facility, we were fortunate enough to taste through several different barrels of various ages and mash bills. We selected a 9 year-old barrel (barreled on 7/18/2005) of the OBSV recipe (60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% malted barley) as the most flavorful and well integrated bourbon for our single barrel offering. Bottled at 100 proof, you will find a deep, rich, and toasty bourbon with a charming fruit character, smooth vanilla and nice charred oak and floral notes. $36.99/750 ml. (Note: photo is different warehouse and barrel number from our currently available selection.)
  • Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 Proof: Barreled on March 4, 2004 our Knob Creek barrel rested and matured gracefully for 10 years and 2 weeks at the Jim Beam Distillery before its bottling selection. Originally sampled at cask strength of 130 proof, this bourbon is huge with massive flavors in all directions. In the glass you will find a dark amber colored liquor with a smokey vanilla nose. Flavors of sweet corn and robust oak mingle in a long caramelized finish. Add a few drops of water or an ice cube to reveal spicy rye notes with cinnamon, smoke and brown sugar. A hedonist delight. $39.99/750 ml.